Thank you for  registering  to our conference.

Conference place and addresses:
All the events of the conference will take place at Hotel Giuseppe (address: Balatonlelle, Köztársaság út 34-36., phone (36) (85) 350-433.
We have to note that because of the large number of uncertain registrations, a part of the participants may be accommodated in a neighbouring hotel  (where the rates are the same).

Conference office and registration:
The conference office will be set up in Hotel Giuseppe. The registration time is Friday (June 30) afternoon from 4 pm to 10 pm and Saturday morning (for the Search and communication complexity conference) and Monday (July 3) form 2 pm to 10 pm (for the Information theory in mathematics conference).  Participants arriving for the Information theory ... meeting later than the above mentioned period will be registered on Wednesday (July 5) mid morning.

Social event(s):
There will be  a reception for the participants and registered accompanying persons
-- on Saturday (July 1) at 8.00 pm and
-- on Wednesday (July 5) at 8.00 pm
the cost is included in the registration fee.

Looking forward to meeting you in Balatonlelle,

Yours sincerely,
the Organizers