9:00-9:50: H. Buhrman: Quantum Computation Complexity
10:10-11:00: R. Raz, Amir Shpilka: Lower Bounds for Matrix Product, in Bounded Depth Circuits with Arbitrary Gates
11:10-11:40: A. Pelc: Local Communication in Rings with Local Knowledge
11:40-12:00: R. Ahlswede, H. Aydinian, L. Khachatrian: Set-theoretical Problems under Dimension Constraint

3:00-3:30: C. Deppe: Ulam's Game with Three Lies
3:30-4:00: G.O.H. Katona: Search with Small Sets in Presence of a Liar
4:20-4:50: F. Cicalese: Some New Results for the Ulam--Rényi game: Hunting Lies with Only Two Shots
4:50-5:20: A. Zhigljavsky: Probabilistic Existence Theorems in Group Testing
5:20-5:50: V. Balakirsky: A Graph--theoretic Approach to Searching with Lies