Some of my lectures, in pdf

  • Mostly I do not post my lectures, since regularly they contain much more stuff than what I spoke about in my lecture, they are prepared in two forms: with stops and without stops, and -- what is the most important point -- they still need some (actually, a lot) extra polishing.
  • If I post a lecture, I still may improve it, add explanations to it, later.
  • My lecture on Szemeredi's 70th birthday
  • My lecture on Szemeredi's 70th birthday, Szemeredi's mathematics, (in Hungarian)
  • Slides of the Summer school, Chorin, 2006
  • DocCourse, Chorin 2006, BDR, (Organized by M. Schacht and M. Kang) pdf
    Polished, slightly extended version of the original lectures on extremal graph theory
  • Gyuri Elekes and the incidences, pdf (In Hungarian!)
  • Tom Trotter birthday conference lecture, pdf (On the Elekes-Szabo-Simonovits paper on incidences)